Can Princess Zelda Speak?: Anita Sarkeesian and the Damsel in Distress

At the annual Feminists in Games workshop earlier this June, I had the pleasure of meeting speaker and video game personality Anita Sarkeesian. [read more at Vancouver Observer]

Iamagamer organizer Kimberly Voll rallies support for strong female leads in video games

This weekend, iamagamer will be having a 48-hr game jam at the Centre of Digital Media in Vancouver. Independent game developers will join together and create games that feature that rarest of birds: strong female leads.
[read more at Vancouver Observer]


I Am a Gamer: Jamming to develop a video game with a strong female lead

Who says you can’t have a female lead in your video game? Apparently your funders.
[read more at Vancouver Observer]

Upcoming GaymerX convention addresses sexual orientation in video games

The GaymerX convention is happening on August 3-4 in San Fransisco, California. Created by Matt Conn and Kayce Brown, GaymerX was created for the LGBTQ video gaming community as a safe place for expression for them.
[read more at Vancouver Observer]

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